Victoria, British Columbia

Feature Articles

The Debate on Inside Only Cats

Many people think it is cruel to have an inside only cat. There is nothing further from the truth. It is proven that you will have a healthier and happier pet if you keep your pet inside.

Help Feral Cats

If you have a feral or untouchable cat on your property please do not just ignore it.   It is VERY important that feral cats get spayed and neutered as soon as possible.  One unsprayed female cat with all her offspring can produce 42000 kittens without human intervention over a 7 year period.

Halloween is a Goulish Time for Pets!

Halloween is a fun time for us and Kids ! But did you know it can be not so fun for your pets ? With Firecrackers starting please keep your cats inside at least a week prior to Halloween ! Dogs should be contained and kept on leash as one loud “Bang” and your Pooch could be off and running !