Victoria, British Columbia

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Thanks so much for all the tips. I have GREAT news. I found my cat last night.  He had crawled inside the hood of a van about half a block from the house.  I was out in the neighborhood calling for him around 1:30am when it was quiet and he heard me and started meowing.  I followed his calls to the car and then woke up the neighbor to unlock the car and pop the hood and there he was no worse for wear. He wasn’t even dirty. Thank you so much for all the tips. It’s so good to have him back home safe.

Thank you so much for suggesting putting out something that smells like home.  I put out a throw pillow with a pair of my socks on it before going to bed and when I checked at 3:30 this morning – there she was. Being that Dolly is a rescue dog and that we have only had her for one week, she is still very shy and hasn’t really had time to bond with us yet but we will persevere and eventually gain her complete trust.

A happy ending!   Linus showed up late last evening. As per your suggestion, we had gone out again in the dark looking and calling, and he appeared about 40 minutes later, looking absolutely fine. We suspect he was locked in somewhere, as he is not inclined to leave the yard.
Thank you for your help, and thank you for offering this service. It is an invaluable service for pet owners.

Thank you Pamela. I followed steps 1 to 4 and found where Pumpkin was hiding out at dusk. At dark we searched again and he was home when we got back to the apt. He was calm and affectionate, as though the whole nightmare hadn’t happened. Many thanks for your advice and support.

Very happy to report that our Stella has been found alive and well after 40 days away!   It was your site that did it – Stella had been disoriented after a spell
of seizures and wandered about 3 blocks from home, then couldn’t find her way back.  She had been living in a shed and sleeping in the recycle boxes of a very nice neighbour who noticed the now skinny cat hanging around.

Thanks again for what you do – we know now how well it works.

Thanks for all the great advice. The owners contacted us this morning (they saw the listing on your Victoria Lost Pets website) and they just picked her up. They were from Cordova Bay and we live by Butchart Gardens – quite a distance and across the highway! I had no idea cats would/could wander that far.

Couldn’t have done it without your assistance! Thanks for providing such a great service!